CCAS Cannabis Law Services 

A Corporate & Attorney Services Inc., is now offering cannabis legal documentation services, we offer Incorporation filings, fictitious business name filings and city business license courier services. For further details & pricing contact Adam Goldberg. 

Did you know CA Corporate & Attorney Services Inc., offers cannabis legal counsel referrals? For more details, contact CCAS staff

Additional Services: Franchise Tax Board, City Zoning Departments, Partnership Filings and Court Retrievals. 

Attorney Referrals 

Ted Cromwell Areas of Expertise: Family Law, DUI defense, DMV hearings, vehicle code violations, Criminal Law Civil Litigation, Business Law, Third strike crimes, Record Expungement...   620 Newport Center Drive 11th FL Newport Beach, Ca. 92660
Tele: 949-715-1013 Fax: 949-715-9316

CCAS Resources

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Laws & Regulations - California Cannabis Portal -  California marijuana laws changed drastically with the decriminalization of possession (under 28.5 grams) and legalization of medical marijuana in 1996.

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The NORML Women's Alliance is a coalition of nonpartisan, educated, geographically and socially diverse women working to reform outdated prohibition laws that contribute to costly and socially unjust law enforcement strategies and hinder the development of medical research.